Hungarian horse and trip

The collaboration with Hungarian horsepeople was continued once again.

Earlyer this month, a Hungarian showjumper at 1,30 m-level arrived at the stable of Jurre van Bommel Sporthorses. Jurre will train and compete this horse for his Hungarian owners. "This horse has a lot of potential. The owner wants it to be trained and showed bij a matching rider. I trained the combination several times in Hungary, that's why they chose me for the job", Jurre explains.

Next week (Oktober 12-14) Jurre goes to Hungary again. He gives jumpinglessons to talented riders, who are very eager to learn more from the Dutch rider. "The clinics were fulle booked after only two days", Jurre says. "I train small groups of three riders, three days in a row. We start at eight in the morning and go on till six in the evening. Busy days, but the people are very enthousiastic and want to learn."

"In the lessons, I focus on simple riding. Hungarian riders tend to solve problems with strength, and that can cause anxiety. I'ts better to keep it simple,stay calm and ride in a light way. We work on the basic principles of riding and try to establish that, so they have a base to fall back at in the ring."


Jurre op Grandi, het Hongaarse springpaard.

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